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3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers (Legit & Engaging)

(Ad) Today, YouTube is one of the best places to grow your brand and company online. Influencers all over the world are targeting this platform because of the immense size of the audience it generates on a daily basis. Currently there are over a billion active daily users of YouTube. At the same time, because of the increase in competition, gaining leverage on YouTube has become fairly difficult. However, if you would like to grow on YouTube then you can make use of our curated list of best sites where you can buy YouTube subscribers. If you feel skeptical about the process, read on: we can assure you that there is nothing to worry about if you work with one of the high-quality sites described here.



Viralyft is at the top of most online lists of sites where you can buy YouTube subscribers. This is because it is one of the oldest providers in this niche, and has significantly more experience than most of its competitors. A number of Viralyft’s satisfied customers are famous icons on YouTube today.

One of the primary reasons why people make use of Viralyft to buy YouTube subscribers is its affordable prices. You can buy as many as 100 subscribers for less than $11 on this site. And, even with this low cost, they maintain the quality of subscribers as well as the security of your profile within YouTube. The pricing plan gradually increases to about 500 subscribers for less than $50. At this point you cannot purchase more subscribers, but you can invest in the same plan again in order to continue increasing the number of followers that you have on YouTube.

Viralyft offers affordable prices because they work with a global audience. They understand that there will be people from different demographics and financial backgrounds using their services.
This company offers top quality subscribers to all its clients. Irrespective of the plan that you buy—whether expensive or more affordable—they will always ensure you get only the highest rated followers within YouTube. This company will also make sure that you are able to create content that specifically appeals to your target audience. As a result, you will get higher engagement, and a higher placement within search recommendations on YouTube. Take a look at the Viralyft website to see the various plans for buying YouTube subscribers.


The next site on our list is this amazing place called, which w started many years ago to help people with social media growth. This company not only works with YouTube; it also serves other social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and others. For this reason they promote your content through a network of influencers from different media.
GetViral is known for the amazing results it has provided to some of today’s most well-known figures. Lots of rising talent on YouTube have used GetViral’s services to improve their visibility on the platform. Therefore you can rest assured that this company is authentic and trusted by people as a means of buying YouTube subscribers.

In terms of pricing, GetViral is as good as any of its rivals. Starting with the lowest package, you get 100 YouTube subscribers for less than $12. You can order immediately, and start seeing results within 122 days. The plans will gradually increase to up to 500 YouTube subscribers for less than $50. If you have a question about the package and the services offered, you can always get in touch with their customer support department.

Over the years people from all across the globe have come to GetViral for their services. Moreover, GetViral understands that everybody deserves a chance to be recognized in the world today. Therefore, they want to leverage any person or influencer who is passionately devoted to their content. There is nothing they love more than getting the right talent noticed in the world of social media. If you buy YouTube subscribers from them you will not be disappointed.

The third item on our list is SocialPackages, which is another one of the oldest sites among social media growth services. Like the sites mentioned above, this company can provide engagement as well as growth for different kinds of social media. Their reach is spread across avenues like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, clubhouse, and others. As a result, they can create an extensive network for promotional strategies.

SocialPackages is known especially for the services they provide to YouTube users. They started out as primarily an Instagram and YouTube service, so they have maximum experience within these niches and they know how these platforms have grown and changed over the years. When people buy YouTube subscribers from them, they always take care to follow the ethical standards required by the site.

This company strives to work with the most highly trained and professional minds in the world of digital advertising. They place great value on the qualifications and skill sets of every person working within their team and have gathered an efficient and productive team of marketers, social media experts, salespeople and others to support their customers. As a result, when it comes to promoting your account or your content there is nobody who can do it better than SocialPackages.

As we mentioned, this organization has been around for some time. They’ve been able to predict future changes to YouTube with pretty good accuracy, so they can help you stay ahead of everybody else and ace various trends when you buy YouTube subscribers from them.

Like the other sites on our list, SocialPackages is extremely affordable. They have low price plans that start for less than $10. You can get a large number of followers and subscribers for comparatively higher priced plans. But you’ll find that both ends of their pricing spectrum are relatively affordable.


Is it legal to buy YouTube subscribers? 

The simple answer is yes, it is absolutely legal to buy YouTube subscribers through YouTube growth services. You will not be directly buying YouTube subscribers per se. Instead, you will be engaging in promotional activities that typically lead to a large number of people subscribing and following your channel.
As long as you follow ethical and organic means of promotion to get YouTube subscribers, then you can make use of any YouTube growth service. 

How many YouTube subscribers do I need to make money?

In order to make money you need to be a part of the YouTube partnership program. However, to qualify for that program and monetize an account, you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours on your channel. Specifically, the 4000 watch hours must occur within the past 12 months and not earlier than that. This is one good reason to buy YouTube subscribers

Tips on how to keep growing 

Of course, even with extreme help, in the end you need to take care of your account and nurture it for growth yourself. If you’re wondering how you can grow your YouTube channel and attract more people to your content, check out the tips below.
Make use of keywords

Like most other social media platforms, YouTube works mostly on the basis of keywords and engagement. However, even before you can get engagement the first thing that YouTube will take into account is the relevance of your keyword to two popular searches. You can make use of various keyword tools available online to find the keyword that suits your video best.
These keywords have to be included within the caption and description of any video that you’re creating. We would also suggest that you include certain recurring keywords within your bio as well. This will make you much more SEO friendly and help people reach your account more easily. 

Make use of existing content

Sometimes people lose faith in old content that they created which did not generate the right amount of traction at the time. However, it is not always necessary to build new content from scratch, because there are some amazing gems present in old content as well. Some of your best videos can be created with the help of engaging, useful, and valuable content that was already part of your previous videos. 

Various online videos and guides can give you great ideas about optimizing your videos. One simple approach is to work on the visuals while keeping the content the same. Conversely, you can add background scores, additional jokes, or snippets from your new videos to make the older video more fun. 

Engage with your audience

As we have already mentioned, YouTube greatly values content that yields maximum engagement. Therefore, you have to post content that encourages discussions, comments, heated debates, and the like. Occasionally you can even pitch in some controversial subject in order to get people talking. Another tactic is to put a quiz or questionnaire section at the end of your video that people can answer in the comments. These are just some of the effective strategies that many YouTubers have used over the years to create engagement and get higher ranking on YouTube

Use other social media channels as well

A great thing about social media is that people from one platform are often present on other platforms as well. This means that if you’re not able to get the right size audience within YouTube, you can always aim to get an audience on other social media platforms. 

You can promote your YouTube content through reels, short stories, and other posts on platforms like Instagram. Then you can request your audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can also give them teaser videos on Instagram, and ask them to follow your channel on YouTube for the full clip or the uncut version. 

Create great thumbnails

YouTube videos display a thumbnail before a user clicks and opens it. A thumbnail is one of the most important determining factors for whether your audience will decide whether or not to open your video. It is the first insight into who you are and what content you create. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are able to create an attractive and appealing thumbnail that fits the current trends. 

Here are some tips on how to make great thumbnails: 

First, make sure that you are using the right thumbnail size for YouTube. YouTube’s guidelines state that any thumbnail image should be 1280 x 720, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Since more and more people have started to embed YouTube videos, if your thumbnail is too small, it can leave a really bad visual impression on your viewers.

Always use a high-quality picture that acts as a teaser for your video. Not only will this give a user insight into what you have created, but they will also get an idea of how you work and what your aesthetic sense is.

You can also include text headings within your video thumbnail. Make sure you keep them crisp, catchy, and straight to the point to lure in your viewers.

Use a site with a great filtering process

These days there is a range of fake accounts prevalent within YouTube. These fake accounts are not owned by real people but are created by organizations to create false engagement on YouTube. These companies make use of such bot-generated spam accounts to give you the desired number of subscriber likes or comments. If YouTube finds out that your account is getting traction through such false means, your account could be banned from the app.
Because of this, it’s important to buy engagement from a good site that maintains a great filtering process. They should be examining every account that is being considered for your content and channel. If they find any suspicious activities associated with an account that make it less credible and suggest that it’s a fake account, then they should quickly remove it and even report it to YouTube. Working with a site that follows this process will ensure that you will always have the most real accounts following you. 

Use a site with a great retention rate

It’s often the case that the people who subscribe to your channel show great engagement and great interaction in the beginning. However, as you keep posting content in the future, the number of subscribers gradually dies down. This low retention can be the result of using a low-quality social media growth service that is unable to produce great retention rates for either subscribers or engagement. A good service will be able to produce long-term retention for both.

If you buy YouTube subscribers from a site with a great retention rate track record, it will greatly improve the credibility of your account. When people see that an account has been receiving consistent, frequent engagement across a number of posts, they are more likely to consider subscribing to the channel themselves. Moreover, YouTube itself starts recommending such accounts to people. Therefore, getting a great retention rate can be one of the most effective strategies to get a higher ranking within YouTube.
What are the features of a good YouTube growth service?

Quality subscribers

Along with affordable prices a good company will also ensure that you get subscribers from real accounts on YouTube. Their aim is to create a perfectly analyzed target audience for you. Therefore, the people who view your content will naturally be interested in the videos that you are producing. 

There are many services that will give you a large number of followers. However, these followers are not legit and they do not interact with your content. YouTube has a great filtering process, and they are very strict when it comes to real followers as compared to spam followers. This is why it is necessary for you to make sure that the quality of your subscribers remains top notch. 

Quality subscribers will interact with your content, subscribe to your channel, share your videos, and engage in other forms of interaction. This naturally improves the ranking of your profile on YouTube. In the end you will be getting featured on various people’s suggestions organically. 

Excellent customer support

Another feature that is rare in most social media growth companies is customer support. Many companies are focused on the amount of money they can get from their customers. However, a good company values the user experience as well as their customers’ comfort using their work website.
Therefore, the best companies provide 24/7 customer support and customer service. There are always people who are new to social media or haven’t made use of social media growth services before. And many people, new or experienced, have a number of questions about social media growth services. A good company does its best to answer your questions or issues about buying YouTube subscribers from them. 

Global exposure

As we have already mentioned, a good company works with people across the globe. They want to ensure that people from any country and any region of the planet can access their services. Therefore, they keep their terms and conditions extremely simple. At the same time, they provide detailed guidelines within their website about buying their services.
In addition, they have a worldwide network of influencers on YouTube that they use to create an atmosphere through which they can promote influencers from one end of the world to audiences and influencers on the other end of the world.
Most influencers are looking for people who can promote them on a global basis. Therefore, this networking greatly helps them to leverage their YouTube promotions.