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Astronaut Chris Hadfield calls alien UFO hype ‘foolishness’

It appears to be safe and sound to say Chris Hadfield probably would not have a person of all those X-Information “I want to believe that” UFO posters on any of his partitions.

Chris Hadfield sitting in front of a window: Hadfield in spaaaace. NASA

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Hadfield in spaaaace. NASA

On Sunday, the Canadian astronaut, who commanded the International House Station and recorded the popular microgravity rendition of David Bowie’s Place Oddity, spit some fire at genuine believers who see a connection among UFOs or UAPs (for “unidentified aerial phenomena” in the newish army parlance) and some form of alien intelligence.

“Clearly, I’ve found numerous issues in the sky that I really don’t realize,” Hadfield, a previous pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Drive, reported through a CBC Radio get in touch with-in exhibit. “But to see anything in the sky that you do not have an understanding of and then to right away conclude that it’s clever daily life from one more solar system is the peak of foolishness and lack of logic.”

Chris Hadfield sitting in front of a window: Hadfield in spaaaace.


Hadfield in spaaaace.

The comments came a 7 days following extensive-operating news magazine 60 Minutes aired a greatly reviewed phase on UAPs. The launch of military services footage of this kind of phenomena in current decades has led to a phone for a lot more transparency, and now an unclassified report from US intelligence businesses is thanks to be sent to Congress future thirty day period.

Hadfield added that he does imagine it really is probable you can find lifetime somewhere else in the universe.

“But definitively up to this position, we have discovered no proof of lifetime anyplace other than Earth,” he explained, “and we are on the lookout.”

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