December 1, 2023

Tyna Woods

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Essential Things To Include In Your Skincare Routine

Watching an advertisement or seeing an influencer use a particular product tempts us to buy new products, the ones which might not even be suitable for us. It is, without a doubt, very strenuous to decide on a skincare routine or what products should be included in that routine. 

As if this was not enough, applying these products in the order is also very essential. The application of these products should be in the order of texture that is from thinnest to thickest since the thin products will not be able to penetrate beneath the thicker ones.

Firstly, how should the whole process be started? How do you select the products?

Skin Type

The best place to start with the process is your skin type. Your skin impacts the type of products that you should choose for your skin care regimen which will have effective results too. 

  • Normal skin

People with normal skin are probably god’s favorite. They don’t experience any kind of breakouts or get a blemish or two but for the most part, their skin is crystal clear. Their skin doesn’t react negatively to any changes in the weather or changes in skin care products. 

If you are lucky enough to have this kind of skin then you don’t have to worry about buying any products, especially for your skin type. Your skin is built to tolerate almost all types of ingredients and you can experiment with products till you find “the one” that fits your skin type.

  • Dry Skin

Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two problems that are different from each other but have similar symptoms. You must be able to differentiate among them and identify your problem so that you can find the right product for yourself.

Dehydration – This problem occurs when the skin is not able to retain moisture. This makes your skin feel tight and fine lines can be noticed. This skin type has a paper-like texture.

Dryness – This problem occurs when your skin doesn’t have enough oil which can result in sensitive, itchy, and flaky skin which cracks easily. It can be caused by medical conditions like eczema or even environmental conditions.

People with dry skin must keep their skin moisturized throughout the day and avoid using harsh products on the skin, especially anything that has fragrance in it.

For dehydrated skin, water-based products are loved. Oil-based products can worsen the situation, so it’s better to avoid them. 

Whether dry or dehydrated skin, do not forget to drink water throughout the day.

  • Oily Skin

Oily skin glows from afar and if you have oily skin, you must be familiar with the concept of mattifying powders and blotting sheets used for the absorption of excess oil. You also have large pores but all this helps you in avoiding fine lines and wrinkles on your face. 

You must take utmost care while choosing products for your skin. Avoid anything with alcohol, petroleum, and mineral oil. Products labeled as “non-comedogenic” are a good purchase as they do not contain ingredients that clog pores. Don’t avoid moisturizers and don’t over-wash your face in an attempt to clean the oil.

  • Combination Skin

If you have read the above skin types and felt like “all these are me”, then you have a combination skin type. Combination skin, as its name suggests, is a combination of various skin types. These people have oily skin across their forehead and down the nose but the rest of the face has normal skin. 

With this skin type, you need to balance things.

Moving on to the essential things that you must have in your daily skincare routine.

  1. Cleanser

The most common and known to all steps is using a cleanser. Rub a small amount of gentle cleanser between your palms and massage it on your face with gentle pressure. Rinse your hands and massage your face with water until the applied cleanser gets washed away.

Pat your face with a soft towel. If you wear makeup then first remove the makeup with micellar water.

  1. Toner

Toner is often overlooked by people in their routine but it is an essential step and should not be missed. It not only removes the residue of makeup and oil but also preps your skin for the forthcoming products.

Pour a few drops into your palms and gently swipe them on your face. Toners with hydrating formulas can be used twice a day. 

  1. Exfoliator

This product does not need to be used daily but about two times a week.

  1. Serum

Use a serum with antioxidants like Vitamin C because they protect your skin from free radicals. Nighttime is a good time to use the serum with moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid which prevents the skin.

Serums are used to brighten, hydrate, and repair the skin. You can also layer serums or use just one to fight your biggest concern. 

  1. Eye cream

You can apply any regular cream under your eye but if you are using a specialized eye cream then you want to layer it underneath the moisturizer. Avoid using a hydrating eye cream at night as it can cause fluid retention which makes your eyes look puffy. 

  1. Moisturizer

Moisturizer can both hydrate your skin and lock the other layers of products applied. Apply a lightweight lotion in the morning and a thicker cream at night. 

  1. Retinoid

Retinoids help in reducing dark spots, breakouts, and fine lines. It increases skin cell turnover but can also be irritating to sensitive skin. Retinoids should be used only at night as they tend to break down in the sun. 

  1. Sunscreen

This is the last and the most important step. Protection of the skin against UV rays can prevent skin cancer and signs of aging. Look for a broad-spectrum SPF which will protect you from both UVA and UVB radiation. It acts like a face cover.

Wrapping Up

Skin is the largest organ of the body. A good skincare routine can be the difference between glowing skin and dull skin.