December 1, 2022

Tyna Woods

Technology does the job

Follow These 10 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Party

Inviting a few friends over to hang out at your home shouldn’t feel overwhelming or stressful. You don’t need to be a professional event planner or hire one to be the host or hostess with the mostest. As long as there are snacks, drinks, and good conversation, everyone will surely have a good time. 

The trick to throwing a fantastic party is preparation. 

  • Clean and organize your house a day or two before. 
  • Have your appetizers out before the first guest arrives. 
  • Install a magnetic mesh screen door to extend your living room to your yard, patio, or balcony
  • Have plenty of ice to keep drinks chilled
  • Plan a few engaging party games 
  • Let the good times roll! 

Whether you are a dinner party connoisseur, the queen of kids’ birthday parties, or the king of holiday cheer – these ten tips can help you throw a party none of your family and friends will ever forget! 

  1. Send Invites

Plan ahead and send your invites out early to ensure everyone on your guest list has time to put your party on their calendar. You should send invites out at least a month in advance for large events like engagement parties, showers, kids’ birthday parties, and holiday parties. 

Use evites to make the process seamless. Guests can quickly respond via email, giving you a clear guest count as the event approaches.

  • Clean and Organize Your Home 

Your home doesn’t need to be perfect to host a party – but it shouldn’t be a mess either. Scrub your bathrooms before guests arrive and wipe down your kitchen counters. Put shoes and coats that tend to accumulate around your house away into closets. Use flowers to create an affordable centerpiece to tie everything together. 

  • Devise Your Menu 

A good party needs snacks! Even for a casual get-together, you’ll want enough snacks to allow your friends and family to graze. Not sure what to serve? Chips and dip are always sure to satisfy. Otherwise, Taste of Home has curated an excellent list of crave-able treats. Serve up some classic ham and cheese sliders at a child-friendly party, or make some refreshing watermelon cups for a family barbecue.     

  • Ask for Help 

Once you send out your invites, you’ll surely get offers to help from friends and family. Don’t think you have to do everything yourself. Take them up on their assistance. Have them bring an appetizer or salad to take some of the pressure off. Ask someone to pick up ice on their way to the party, seriously… you can never have enough ice. Have a friend bring paper plates and cutlery to make cleanup a breeze. 

  • Place Food Where You Want Guests to Mingle

Once it’s close to arrival time, set out the first round of snacks wherever you want guests to mingle. Place appetizers in various areas to create a flow through your home and into your yard. If you set food out in the kitchen, everyone will mingle in the cramped kitchen all night. 

  • Set Up a Drink Station  

Food and drinks are the essential ingredients to any good party. Create a bar station where friends and family can pour a glass of wine, grab a beer, or serve up a cocktail. Fill a cooler with ice, water bottles, sodas, and other non-alcoholic options. Batch a cocktail for the grownups, so you don’t have to bartend all night long.  

  • Open Your Party Up to the Outdoors with a Magnetic Mesh Screen Door 

Even if you have a small home or tiny apartment, you can still host a swinging party! Use a magnetic mesh screen door to open your living area to your yard, patio, or balcony. Guests can move to the outdoor space effortlessly, and powerful magnets will seal behind them to keep bugs out of your home.  

  • Curate a Playlist 

Set a few Bluetooth speakers around your home and in your yard, and use music to set the tone of your event. Play some smooth jazz for a swanky dinner party, or cut up the rug with a funky dance playlist. 

  • Plan a Few Party Games

 Whether your hosting a kid’s birthday party or an elegant cocktail party, a few simple party games can be a fun way to break the ice! If you’ve opened your home to your yard with a screen door, try adding lawn games like croquet or cornhole to entertain your guests. 

  • Mix and Mingle!

A memorable party is one where you participate in all the fun. You may have planned this for your guests, but they came to spend time with you. Enjoy spending time with your family and friends. You’ve done the preparation. Get out and mingle with guests!