July 22, 2024

Tyna Woods

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Your phone definitely supports dual SIMs

Your phone definitely supports dual SIMs
File photo of SIM cards.

Dual-SIM support has been available on smartphones since the mid-2010s, allowing people to use two SIM cards in their handset at once. It looks like the proliferation of eSIMs hasn’t dampened support for the feature either.

We posted a poll earlier this week asking whether you had a smartphone with dual SIM support. We considered dual SIM support to be two physical SIMs, a physical SIM and eSIM, or two eSIMs. Well, the results are in and here’s how you answered the survey.

Does your phone support dual SIMs?


Over 1,500 votes were tallied in this poll, and it turns out that 55.3% of respondents have a phone that supports two physical SIMs. That’s a pretty steep figure, but it makes sense in light of the fact that many mid-range phones and some flagship devices offer dual physical SIMs.

Meanwhile, 31.5% of surveyed readers said they had a phone with a physical SIM slot and eSIM support. Rounding out the top three was “no, it doesn’t support dual SIMs,” accounting for 7.9% of the vote. Bringing up the rear was “yes, two eSIMs” (2.7%) and “I don’t know” (2.63%).

In other words, almost 90% of polled readers (89.5%) say they have dual SIM support of some kind. So these readers can take advantage of the second SIM/eSIM for travel, keeping work and personal numbers on the same phone, and more.


  • ptsenter: I have 3 phones – 2 with eSIM and one is dual physical – to be used for travel.
    Galaxy S22 Ultra, USA version, is pretty useless, as it does not allow to use one SIM for voice and messages and another for data. It always bounds all 3 functions to one SIM. Pixel 6a is pretty good. The only issue is data eSIM I’m buying through Airalo or MobiMatter are time-limited: 7 or 30 days. During my travel I never spent more than 3GB per week. It means I always loose 40% of data I paid for. Physical data SIM I bought from vodafone, Italy, is the most versatile. Practically, it does not have time limit and I can use it in UK or France.
  • Black Spectrum: My phone has support for dual sim (physical) and a microsd card!
  • Enigma: Yes but when the second Sim in I no longer have space for the microSD card and which is very much important to me to have. Recommend strongly microSD card space should be created together or separately….
  • Igor Costa: There’s no single SIM phones in my country for ages now.
  • Dogeanimupower: Two physical sims and one eSim. But no sd card. Come on Samsung. I would renounce one physical and the esim in a blink of an eye to get that stupid sd card back
  • Dai Jiawen: using Xiaomi dual sim phones for 10 years and counting.