July 18, 2024

Tyna Woods

Technology does the job

Alteryx updates its Designer Cloud UI, adds data lakehouse support

Analytics and automation software provider Alteryx is updating the user interface (UI) of its data engineering cloud platform, Designer Cloud, to offer a more Alteryx-like experience.

“What’s been shipping for Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta since today has been the classic Trifacta experience. And what we’ve been working on is now incorporating the Alteryx experience” for the software’s interface, said Adam Wilson, senior vice president at Alteryx. The data engineering cloud platform is now in early access, he said.

The Designer Cloud, which was originally developed by Trifacta—a company that Alteryx bought for $400 million in January—had been in preview since August.

In the early access phase, the company plans to open the product to more customers and make it generally available in the first quarter of 2023.

Alteryx is also adding data warehouse and data lakehouse capabilities—a data architecture that offers both storage and analytics capabilities—to the Designer Cloud through its partnership with Snowflake.

Some of the other features of Designer Cloud include a low-code/no-code interface that can be accessed via a web browser and a built-in scheduling option to automate analytics and workflows.

The company, which competes directly with companies including IBM and Microsoft, claims to have over 8,000 global customers.

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