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Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

from the term-of-the-day dept

This week, each our winners on the insightful side arrive from our submit about the cops who killed a drunk driver as he explained to them at the very least a dozen occasions that he could not breathe. In to start with area, it is Stephen T. Stone with a response to a commenter who experimented with to wipe absent the full incident by stating “maybe don’t travel under the influence”:

Of course or no: Should really drunk driving be a loss of life penalty offense?

Corollary: Ought to that sentence be carried out at the moment of arrest fairly than right after a suitable trial, verdict, and appeals approach?

In next place, it is That A single Guy with a basic response to the incident:

If only…

If only there was a way to restrain an individual that didn’t carry a large possibility and/or ensure of slicing off the person’s air provide, I mean can you picture how monstrously indifferent if not outright homicidal it would be to use a method of restraint that carries fantastic odds of killing a man or woman if there was any other alternative?

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office suggests it is “reviewing the circumstance,” which doesn’t just seem like an investigation.

The murder was recorded start out to end, if that amount of proof was accessible for just about any other person you can be damn positive the DA would not be conversing about ‘reviewing the case’ but about the murder fees they ended up bringing. Being obscure in these a instance reeks of ‘stonewall and delay in the hopes the heat dies down and it can be brushed under the rug’.

For editor’s alternative on the insightful side, we get started out with an nameless response to the really silly notion that general public airwave broadcasters are common carriers:

Just because Tv set works by using the general public airwaves does not make it a widespread provider. It simply cannot comply with the basic procedures of popular carriers, and that is have whichever anyone well prepared to fork out the wishes them to carry.

The only grounds for regulating above the air and satellite T.V. is that they are applying a scarce useful resource. That does imply that community desire can be applied to pressure them to carry, or more normally not have specific material, but they simply cannot be turned into a prevalent carrier where by any individual can desire that they have the software the man or woman has designed.

Up coming, it’s JMT with a reaction to a commenter generating some far-achieving statements about “cancel culture”:

“People should not be shedding their work opportunities for owning an unpopular opinion…”

That’s a stupidly wide generalization. There are a great deal of unpopular viewpoints that you should keep to by yourself if you want to maintain your position. If your thoughts are at odds with your company’s mentioned values or negatively affect other team that really don’t want to hear your shit, why should an employer have to hold you?

“…or for offending the extremely delicate.”

‘Overly sensitive’ is just one more way of indicating my viewpoint matters and yours does not. It is the sort of accusation that will come from someone who has zero encounter with getting subjected to anybody else’s prejudices, and just can’t fathom why somebody would respond to theirs.

“There comes a position wherever criticism results in being intimidation”

And some of those ‘overly sensitive’ men and women have expended their life intimidated into silence and at last experience like they have plenty of support in society to be able to criticize people who don’t want to listen to from them. Suck it up buttercup.

About on the amusing aspect, our first put winner is Beefcake with a remark on our write-up about the “GOP quest to fake OAN was unfairly censored”:

GOP Quest is the worst video clip match ever

You just run close to town yelling stuff and halting anyone else from having begun on their real quests.

In next place, it is Thad with a reaction to the prediction that the “cancel culture” group would respond badly to Mike’s piece about the lifestyle of no cost speech such as criticism:

But they’ll have to retain silent about it, because Mike has a suitable to say whatever he desires with out remaining criticized.

Which is how it operates, suitable? Definitely they would not be so hypocritical as to criticize this report.

For editor’s choice on the amusing side, we commence with Norahc and a reaction to Paul Hansmeier acquiring chewed out by a court docket for frivolous litigation:

By no means thought I’d see the working day the place John Steele seems to be like the smarter of the Prendateers.

Last but not least, it is That A person Dude with a comment about Venture Veritas losing its defamation lawsuit from CNN since the fact is just as damning as what CNN stated:

Difficult to hurt a name already in tatters

‘Your Honor I most absolutely did not punch the alleged victim with my correct fist and stating I did is defamatory and harmful to my reputation! As the proof demonstrates I punched them with my remaining fist!’

That is all for this week, folks!