June 20, 2024

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Important Preparation Before Making Minimalist Wooden Chairs

Important Preparation Before Making Minimalist Wooden Chairs

To make a minimalist wooden chair, you certainly need preparation. You have to do the preparation stage in making minimalist wooden chairs to the maximum. Including when you choose the finishing material that will be used. At this stage of preparation, you can determine for yourself the quality of the minimalist wooden chair that you will make.

Did you know preparation is the key to your success in order to get satisfactory results? Without this preparation, you will not get a chair that has an attractive appearance, is strong and also durable. So preparation for making chairs is the most important, especially for chair users later. For you, that want wooden church chairs can visit the links. 

Preparation for Making Minimalist Wooden Chairs

In preparing to make a chair, you must know which model or style of chair to choose. For beginners, the minimalist chair is the easiest chair to make. This chair does not require a lot of money, even to make one chair, the material used is not too much. This is because the chair size and chair model are very simple.

However, because it is simple you should not underestimate or not pay attention to how the size and style are chosen. In this lesson to prepare materials and equipment before making this chair, you can learn it through this article.

What are the preparations that need to be done? What tools are used, how can you measure them and what finishing materials can you use? It all started with a chair design. Even though it is minimalist, there are several designs that you can choose and use. Make sure your design is mature with the right size and scale so that it is easier for you to measure and cut the material for installation.

This design problem you can make roughly or you can also use a computer. This modern use of computers for making designs is more reliable because there you can give the right size then print the design and see which one you will work on first.

How to Assemble Minimalist Wooden Chairs

  1. Measure all the wood that you have bought then cut it according to the specified size.
  2. If you are going to use glue as the adhesive for the wooden elbows, sand the entire corner before you apply the glue.
  3. Sand the entire surface of the media, this process will help open the pore surface of the wood and make it easier for the glue to absorb into the wood pores.
  4. When you have finished gluing, use a clamp and let it sit for a few hours. Then the glue will sink in and you will end up with strong chair elbows.
  5. After the chair assembly process is complete you need to coat the chair with varnish or varnish. You can choose several types of finishing materials that are suitable for your minimalist chair.

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