May 22, 2024

Tyna Woods

Technology does the job

OPPO A53 has a 90Hz screen, what’s the difference compared to a regular screen?

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OPPO doesn’t seem to be playing games in providing comfort for its users. This can be seen from the embedding of the moncer screen with a 90Hz refresh rate in the OPPO A53 variant.

The screen technology found on the OPPO A53 is able to support a 90Hz refresh rate and 120 touching sampling rates, resulting in a smoother and more responsive screen. This capital makes the OPPO A53 to have the best screen in the low-end cellphone class, which on average adopt a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Refresh rate is a measure of how many times the screen is able to refresh the image in Hertz (Hz). This means that the higher the refresh rate on a cellphone screen will make the user’s eyes more comfortable and will not cause headaches because the screen is flickering due to a low refresh rate.

A screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz cannot be embedded on any cellphone either. Because it takes the right processor to apply this best screen to make it more optimal. OPPO managed to make this after equipping the OPPO A53 with a 90 Hz screen.

The use of a cellphone with a high refresh rate on the screen will of course also affect several things and one of them is a smoother and more responsive display. OPPO A53 is also equipped with a 6.5 inch HD screen which makes activities such as playing games to surfing social media more comfortable for the eyes.

Speaking of performance, the OPPO A53 brings the latest processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 460, which was introduced to the public in early 2020, which offers high performance with fairly low power efficiency.

However, don’t worry, even though the efficiency of the OPPO A53 can be said to be quite low, the power given off by this cellphone is quite large. This is because the 5,000 mAh jumbo battery is ready to support the performance of the OPPO A53 which is paired with 18W fast charging.

The A53 is also equipped with the Super Power Saving Mode feature that can extend the life of the device even with 5% remaining battery.