July 15, 2024

Tyna Woods

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Roku Made a $19 Streaming Device Just for Black Friday

Roku Made a  Streaming Device Just for Black Friday
Roku Premiere

Roku sells some of the best streaming devices around, and each year, the company teams up with Walmart on a limited-edition player for the Black Friday shopping season. Sure enough, the company just revealed a $19 streaming device you can buy now.

Roku announced a new streaming player, the Roku Premiere, which is available exclusively at Walmart “while supplies last.” Roku has used the Premiere name for several different products over the years, most recently in 2018 for two 4K streaming devices. The new box looks identical to the 2018 player, but with a black-and-white exterior instead of the all-black design of the original.

Roku says the new player has 4K and regular HDR, Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), and “a fast processor.” There’s also an HDMI cable included in the box. The main drawback compared to other Roku models appears to be the lack of TV volume or power controls on the remote. There’s also no mention of Dolby Vision HDR support, and there could be less internal storage and other cost-cutting measures. Still, $19 is not a lot of money.

Roku’s limited-edition player for last year was the Roku LE, a $15 streaming device that appeared to be a rebadged Roku Express. The new Roku Premiere isn’t quite that cheap, but it does support 4K playback, unlike last year’s LE model.

Source: Business Wire