July 18, 2024

Tyna Woods

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Samsung’s Best Galaxy Z Fold 4 Black Friday Deal Gets Better

So many products have been discounted for so many weeks that it has been a weird Black Friday, where you can’t really expect any of the deals from companies to actually get better now that official Black Friday is here. For the Galaxy Z Fold 4, if you don’t have a trade-in, the price is as good as it might ever be. If you do have a trade-in, well, the price is still all of the way down to under $500.

The two best Galaxy Fold 4 Black Friday deals are from Samsung because you either get $450 off or way more than $450 off depending on your situation. Either way, you get a lot of money off a really expensive phone.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 (trade-in): $350 off + $1,000 credit or $300 for any phone

As we have said time and time again, the reason that Samsung’s offers are always the best is because they do an instant trade-in discount that shaves money off your purchase today. For Black Friday that action continues, plus you don’t even need a really nice phone in order to save quite a bit of extra cash.

First off, Samsung is giving you $350 off the Fold 4 (our review). Straight up, no questions asked. From there, you get to see how much extra off you’ll get depending on the phone you have in your pocket today. Have an old Samsung or Apple phone in “any condition” to trade? That’s an extra $300 off. So we’re already up to $650 off the Fold 4. Not bad, right?

Obviously, the better the phone you have to trade-in the more money you get, so let’s talk about that. A Galaxy Fold 3 will get you $1,000 off. That’s the best offer and drops the price down to $450. Samsung’s other top phone earner would be the Galaxy S22 Ultra at $900 off. Even the original Galaxy Fold will get you $500 off.

To see how much your trade-in is worth and how much your total discount will be, hit that link below.

Samsung Deal Link

Galaxy Z Fold 4 (no trade-in): $450 off

For those of you wanting Samsung’s biggest and best foldable without a phone to trade off, you can get $450 off without doing anything extra. No trade-ins. No fancy contracts. Nothing. Just being you gets you $450 off.

Samsung is currently running a special $100 bonus discount if you don’t have a phone to trade-in, which combines with the $350 off that everyone gets. With a $450 discount, the starting price of the Fold 4 drops to $1,349.

No phone to trade? Hit that Samsung link below.

Samsung Deal Link