June 24, 2024

Tyna Woods

Technology does the job

Video clip of Richard Branson’s desert bike ride was recorded ahead of Unity 22 launch working day, Virgin Galactic clarifies

A Virgin Galactic video of founder Richard Branson’s bicycle trip forward of his launch into house on the company’s Unity 22 mission in New Mexico this week was basically recorded and did not occur on the similar day as the flight, the enterprise clarified currently..

The online video showed Branson, who is famed for athletic functions, driving a bike toward Spaceport The usa around the city of Fact and Outcomes, New Mexico. That was the web-site in which Virgin Galactic VSS Unity spaceliner safely took off and landed with Branson and five other crew members aboard on Sunday (July 11) in a milestone test flight for the firm. A caption on the online video proposed that it occurred “Before Today” and it was pointed out by webcast commentators, but that was an error, Virgin Galactic mentioned.