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Web tips for attracting more patients to your healthcare clinic

How do you attract more patients to your practice without overspending or draining your budget? Establishing a marketing plan and budget is an essential part of running a healthcare practice. Practices of all sizes are always seeking ways to get more patients without spending an arm and a leg. Many practices become frustrated if they don’t have what they consider large enough marketing budgets to achieve their goals.

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If that sounds familiar to you, then here’s good news. It is quite possible to attract and convert more new patients without spending ridiculous amounts of money or time on healthcare marketing. There are still a few proven healthcare marketing strategies that will help you attract patients and grow your practice on a shoestring. Not only are these marketing ideas effective, they also are cost effective and can result in long-term sustained growth.

The purpose of this article is to share five practice marketing ideas that cost very little to implement but can result in better new patient acquisition and long-term growth. These tips will help you market your practice even on a tiny budget.

1. Strengthen your web presence

Your key to standing out in today’s healthcare landscape is having a strong web presence. Potential new patients are much more likely to find you when you have a solid website, a robust online profile and active social media accounts. To reach more new patients, you need to appear regularly online with the right content and messaging. An audit of your website and information you present online will reveal whether it is complete and accurate.

2. Expand your web presence

Social media is particularly important to your web presence if you’re looking to expand your reach and save money. You can easily increase the number of places you appear online by claiming any unclaimed listings for your practice or creating new listings. Make sure your listings are accurate, complete and consistent, and present your information in exactly the same way regardless of where they appear. Google search for your practice name or your providers’ names to find out where you’re appearing online. Check to make sure that your information is correct everywhere.

Use Google My Business to create your profile and ensure that your information is consistently available in more locations online. If your budget allows for it, consider some paid advertising on Google or social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Paid advertising can supplement your organic search strategy. Paying for Google ads helps you rank at the top of the search page for search terms that you may not yet be ranking for organically.

Spending will vary based on the keywords you’re bidding for, and it’s easy to customize your bidding and set a cap on overall spending so it does not become too expensive. By strategically bidding on selected keywords, you can help your practice secure patients it would have otherwise missed.

Web tips for attracting more patients to your healthcare clinic

3. Modernize your website

Make sure that your website is up to date. Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about drawing people to your website and content. A big part of SEO is having a modern, fully optimized practice website. To ensure your website is up to par, consider the following:

Is your website mobile-friendly?

A mobile-friendly or responsive site will load quickly and display properly on any mobile device. More than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices. In fact, Google now prioritizes mobile search when calculating website rankings, so you can bet that prospective patients are visiting your site from their smartphones most often.

Does your site load quickly?

Loading speed plays a huge role in the overall user experience. Make sure your site loads quickly. Site loading speed is a Google search ranking factor, which means that slower=loading sites will appear lower in search results. Web visitors are notoriously impatient and more likely abandon your site if a page takes longer than three seconds to load.

Is your content optimized?

Even if your site is loading quickly, if your content isn’t optimized, you’ll still have a difficult time ranking and finding patients. Always follow best practices for on-page optimization when it comes to your content and keyword usage. This will give you maximum value for your content and increase the likelihood that people find your site and eventually become your patients.

4. Request patient feedback and reviews

Web tips for attracting more patients to your healthcare clinic

If your really want more new patients choosing your practice, then take a closer look at your online reputation. Those patient reviews are the single most important decision-making factor for prospective patients searching for a healthcare provider, according to multiple sources and patient surveys.

Patients who are asked for the feedback are twice as likely to leave a review. That’s why asking your patients for feedback should be a key focus in your low-budget marketing strategy. It costs you nothing to ask. And there are several effective ways to get patients to leave reviews. Here are some of them:

Ask your patients for feedback in person. The easiest method is to simply ask your patients for feedback immediately after they’ve received care or when they are checking out.

Offer automatic digital feedback. You can automatically send your patients messages right after their visits and provide them a link to your patient satisfaction survey.

Add a suggestion box. Having a suggestion box won’t help your online reviews, but it will help your patients feel valued and heard. This can translate into patients feeling more motivated to fill out online reviews or complete satisfaction surveys, as well.

5. Build trust with content marketing

Content marketing is simply the creation of content that informs, educates, or entertains your users while it indirectly markets your practice brand. Those quality articles you read on blogs are all about content marketing.

Creating informative content on your site is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. If you want more patients to land on your practice website, start blogging today. Blogs make for a very effective marketing tactic because they let you write answers to the questions patients are searching for online. Most importantly, make sure your blog content is informative, entertaining and high quality.

When it comes to growing your healthcare practice on a budget, digital marketing is your best investment because it’s budget-friendly, customizable, measurable and targeted to your audience.

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