July 18, 2024

Tyna Woods

Technology does the job

What Features Can GPS Tracking System Make Life Easier?

In reality, the ground control component is the central component of the overall GPS tracking system. For navigation and location, all GPS satellites broadcast ephemeris, which is supplied by the five ground-based monitoring stations.

The ground system is in charge of tracking the GPS signal, gathering data, computing, injecting navigational signals, diagnosing system condition, and correcting tracks. The accuracy of the GPS system is due to the ground monitoring system of mass data processing.

The best application for the car GPS tracking system are transportation and logistics, car rental, concrete mixing vehicles, road passenger transport, city buses, taxi dispatch, various emergency repairs, administrative law enforcement, security escort, express delivery, public security patrol, armed forces, and corporate fleet, among others. At SEEWORLD, they provide all tracking solution for your needs.

  1. Real-time tracking: A GPS tracker can provide a vehicle’s location, speed, and direction of travel at any moment as well as display the location on a map.
  2. History replay: You may play back the past positions of cars at any moment, dynamically show car location on a map, and query any vehicle traffic at any time.
  3. Mileage and fuel consumption management: Using trajectory computing technology, analyze the mileage and fuel consumption of the vehicle at any moment.
  4. Report Management: The system may automatically create a report each day, including information on bus working time, closed car time, travel time, and mileage. It can also report on traffic jams, parking that isn’t burnt out, and driving and parking reports.
  5. Alarm feature: When an alarm circumstance arises, the GPS tracker will immediately send a message alert to the owner’s mobile phone. Examples of alarm functions include speed alarm, Geo fence alarm, GPS antenna cut alarm, parking overtime alarm, power failure alarm, and custom alarm.
  6. Emergency SOS function: In an emergency, the car’s driver can push the SOS button to call for help from the monitoring center.

Police utilize a tiny GPS tracker to cope with the issue of the theft of electric vehicles and motorcycles. According to the Public Security Bureau’s introduction, the GPS tracker is only the size of half a palm and is installed randomly in various locations of the electric vehicle. When the vehicle vibrates or is started illegally, the tracker sends SMS alerts to the owner’s mobile phone, allowing them to track the vehicle’s current location and route.

The owner only has to pay a small amount of fee per month for Internet traffic fees once the GPS tracker has been subsidized by the government and the operators.