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Madisonville CISD hosting substitute teacher training to attract new candidates

MADISONVILLE, Texas (KBTX) -Texas and Brazos Valley schools continue to face challenges hiring and retaining substitute teachers.

Madisonville is looking to train the next generation of substitute teachers to ensure students continue to excel and thrive in the classroom when their full-time teacher is absent.

Based on estimates from a sample of U.S. Metropolitan Districts, teachers miss an average of about 11 days out of a 186-day school year which is a substantial amount of time to spend without a teacher.

Many school districts across the state and the nation had already been dealing with shortages of substitute teachers before the start of the pandemic, and many school administrators would suggest the pandemic has made staffing challenges more complex and widespread.

The conversation of teacher shortages has made its way to the Texas statehouse where Gov. Greg Abbott recently directed the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to create a task force to investigate the teacher shortage across the lone star state.

Keith West is the assistant superintendent for the district. He says he’s concerned about the statewide teacher shortages and glad lawmakers plan to take action.

“We think that’s very timely, very appropriate, and were hoping that there’s some good that can come out of that process because while we’re in good shape in Madisonville CISD right now we are concerned about the future.”

Making the classroom a great place for learning is important to Madisonville Elementary assistant principal Prince Fite. He’s been an educator for 56 years and has served the Madisonville community for the last 45 years. He says the district works hard to make sure students get a quality education every day, even when full-time teachers are out.

“The idea is to bridge that gap in education that is created by the absence of a regular teacher,” said Fite.

Fite says If you have a high school diploma and a love for children, there could be a spot for you in a Madisonville CISD classroom.

“Being prepared and professional are the two main ingredients,’ said Fite.

The substitute teacher training class begins Monday, March 28 at Madisonville Elementary School. The class will meet from 6 until 9 p.m. nightly for four consecutive days.

“We work on local policies and things for the district, we deal with the responsibilities of the substitute teacher, responsibilities of the regular teacher, and the responsibilities of the administrators,” said Fite.

Registration for the training is $35.

If you’re interested in answering the call as a substitute teacher or for more information contact Prince Fite at Madisonville Elementary School, 936-348-2261 or Caralynda Theiss at MCIS Administration Bldg. 936-348-2797, Ext 5011.

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